Cramond Houses

Our luxury care home comprises nine individual houses named after areas of Edinburgh. They are designed to reflect the history and characteristics of these areas through the mix of materials, colour, art and objects in the design.

The houses include:

Braid Hills

Includes a tribute to the wildlife in this beautiful landmark through the quirky, pheasant wallpaper found in the lounge



Draws inspiration from the National Gallery of Modern Art and features its own gallery of mixed, gold frames



Creates a sense of nostalgia for the iconic teal police boxes that were are a feature of Edinburgh in the 1930s



The famous Greyfriars Bobby statue inspired this house, adding a playful element to the design



Pays homage to the golfing links of Ravelston with sports hats displayed on stands



Has a tennis-themed snug to showcase this area’s popular sporting activity



Reflects the quirky and eclectic mix of shops and businesses found in Edinburgh’s Cockburn Street


Dean Village 

Pays homage to the mills once found in Dean Village with some industrial chic design



Is inspired by the Friday Club, the Edinburgh Literati, who used to meet at Bonaly Tower




Special thanks to Just Imagine for designing our luxury houses