We have an exclusive partnership with Balanced to offer a range of physiotherapy, health and wellbeing services.

The Balanced team is led by Chartered Physiotherapist, Judith Paterson, who has over 25 years healthcare experience. She specialises in helping people to move safely and comfortably.


Upon joining Cramond Residence on a permanent basis, each resident is offered an assessment to determine how well they can perform daily tasks.

Our physiotherapists and nurses will then recommend any exercise or treatments for individual care plans, taking into account resident’s personal aims. This may include exercise, massage, moving support or fall prevention classes.

Residents are reassessed every six months to update plans.

This service can also be made available to short stay residents on request.


Fully qualified, experienced health care therapists carry out these services.

We have a dedicated physiotherapy gym specially designed and equipped to help rehabilitate older people. We also have a private consultation room.

Other available treatments include:

  • gym based group exercise
  • podiatry foot care
  • holistic massage

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