Professionals with a Passion for Care

Our team of registered nurses are all highly experienced healthcare professionals. Passionate about putting the needs of residents first, all are committed to Cramond Residence’s vision of being Edinburgh’s Finest Care Home.

Calm, considerate and compassionate at all times, our qualified nurses do everything they can to make life fun and fulfilling for the residents they care for. Working as a dedicated team, they form the heart of the Cramond Residence ‘family’ and form real bonds of affection, trust and friendship with the residents they care for. What shines through is their passion for their work.

Our Care Manager, Ross heads up the team. Ross, one of our first recruits, has a wealth of knowledge within the care home sector.

Ross has worked to develop the vision and the ethos of person-centred care at Cramond Residence. He has been instrumental in rolling out this approach and supporting all staff to ensure that they achieve the highest standards of care – as befitting Edinburgh’s Finest Care Home.

Highly Qualified Staff

At Cramond Residence we only employ those staff who have high levels of training, experience and expertise. However, all of our staff are given the opportunity to augment their training, explore new specialisms, develop their skills and move their professional development forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What levels of nursing and dementia care do you offer?

24 hr Nursing care is available. Dementia care is offered within the general group or in our specialist unit depending on the developmental stage of the illness and the presence of any behavioural issues.

What is the ratio of staff to patients?

We have a ratio of one staff member to every four residents, which allows us to provide excellent levels of individual care and attention. We also check dependency levels on a daily basis and provide flexible staffing levels to accommodate specific needs at specific times.