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I have been at Cramond Residence now for 5 months and I feel its just like my home as I have been able to bring my own belongs.
I was unable to manage alone at home because of my mobility so Cramond is perfect for me as I have the support I need here and the staff are so kind and helpful.

J.Hunter (Resident)

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the residence. Below I have itemised the positive elements of the stay in no particular order.
The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, supportive, tolerant and patient. This goes for staff at all levels.
The facility is very comfortable and well appointed. It resembles a beautiful hotel rather than a respite home.
The food is of the highest order, varied, nutritional and extremely tasty. It has no institutional overtones.
The event planning, - trips, talks and physiotherapy to name but three are very well thought out and relevant.
I would have no qualms about recommending Cramond Residence to anybody who is looking for respite and long term care.

D. Anderson (Resident)

Cramond has exactly what I need and I appreciate the connection with the Kirk as I am member there. The staff are helpful and I enjoy my chats as it helps to stimulate my mind.

M. Fotheringham (Resident)

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