Carefully planned nutritious food

Mealtimes are something that everyone at Cramond Residence looks forward to.

We offer a choice of high-quality, delicious and nutritious food, served in our beautifully appointed dining rooms. Many of our residents say that it is wonderful having everything done for them and that they eat a much better diet than they did at home.

Our chefs have real flair and passion for the food they cook and put together menus that would not be out of place in a fine restaurant.

Always at your service

We serve meals in the house dining areas, unless otherwise arranged. A range of light refreshments and snacks can also be ordered – and served where you want – throughout the day.

All our meals are prepared in our own kitchens, from fresh ingredients, which are locally sourced through reliable providers. With our chefs constantly creating new, delicious meal ideas as part of our nutritious menu planning, our residents really look forward to meal times. An example of one of our seasonal menus can be found here.

seafood dish cooked by chef at Cramond Residence

A guest enjoys a private dining experience, prepared by our Chef

One of the other highlights of the food we provide is our home baking and snacks, which residents and their guests all find hard to resist.

Come and dine with us

Friends and family are welcome to join residents for meals. They can also make use of the Cramond Residence Café, which is also open daily serving a small selection of food and drinks for residents and guests. It is self-service for drinks and cold snacks, which are free of charge.

A private dining experience is also available for residents and their guests for birthdays and other special occasions. Our Chefs will work closely with you to design a special menu for the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of food will be on the menu at Cramond Residence?

We pride ourselves on using the finest, freshest and most seasonal ingredients to create delicious meals and snacks with a touch of fine dining. You can find an example of one of our seasonal menus here.

Can you cater for my allergies and religious beliefs?

We have two experienced Chefs who are responsible for providing
nutritionally balanced meals to cater for individual preferences, beliefs
or dietary requirements. They will speak to you personally about any
special requirements that you have.