The team who make life fun and fulfilling

There is always something to see and do at Cramond Residence, with a wide range of activities on offer to help support residents’ wellbeing and independence and to make life as fun and fulfilling as possible.

Our Lifestyle Team are responsible for planning and implementing our wonderful range of activities and experiences. They bring a range of unique skills to the job including, painting, various therapies, gardening, musical talent as well as literary knowledge. The team is also supported by volunteers who can play musical instruments and organise activities such as origami classes and political debates.

Residents and staff celebrating St Andrews day

The lifestyle team pride themselves in finding out what our residents want through consultation and careful planning. There is a lot of fun and laughter included!

As well as working with residents, the team also takes time to work with their families, so that everyone is involved and able to enjoy the activities on offer. The overall aim is to help residents enjoy a richer and more satisfying life and to reach their full potential, which, in turn, brings reassurance to families.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of activities are on offer at Cramond Residence?

Our programme of activities is always led by what each resident would like to do. It includes art classes, interesting talks, films in our private cinema and day trips out to Edinburgh and beyond. Find out more about our programme of activities here.