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All-Inclusive Care

From the beautiful flowers that every resident receives when they first arrive, to the outstanding level of 24/7 nurse-led care, the service at Cramond Residence is fully inclusive. This means that you won’t be surprised by a whole load of added extras in the bill at the end of each month.

We offer exceptional all-inclusive service and real value for money

  • Large rooms
  • A comprehensive range of exceptional facilities
  • High staff-to-resident ratio, with expert, professional care 24/7
  • Digital care plans, GP support and physiotherapy
  • Meals and snacks, alcoholic beverages and fine dining
  • Laundry and cleaning
  • Full range of activities and outings
  • Hairdressing
  • Daily newspaper
  • Transport to all local medical appointments

Large rooms
With our en-suite rooms sized between 15.8m.sq. and 19.8m.sq., we offer good value in terms of the space that our residents enjoy. The furniture, decorations, fitting and finishes of the rooms are also of outstanding quality, giving Cramond Residence the feel of a high-quality hotel.

Exceptional facilities
Cramond Residence offers an exceptional range of facilities. These include: a private cinema, a fully equipped gym and physiotherapy room, an activities room, a library, a fine dining room, spa therapy baths, a luxury hairdressing salon, elegant furniture and beautiful décor.

High staff ratio
The area where the value for money we offer is, arguably, most important, is in the ratio of our care staff to residents. This stands at 1:4 which is significantly better than the average. It is this high ratio of carers that allows us to provide a truly personal, hands-on service.

Our highly-trained team

Our team of kind, compassionate and highly skilled staff ensure that the nursing care and lifestyle provided at Cramond Residence are the best of their kind.

Professional care 24/7
Our team of nurses and carers provide highly personalised support and care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All aspects of the care we provide is highly professional, compassionate and attentive. Alongside individualised nursing care, we also offer residential, dementia and palliative care. This enables us to look after all aspects of our residents’ health and wellbeing. Naturally, we offer a full range of specialist care equipment, for example specialist beds, hoists and high-tech therapeutic baths. With us, everything is included.

Digital care plans
We believe that our digital care plans represent the very best way to manage care and to guarantee the best outcomes. Because the care plans can be accessed remotely via the internet or via a smartphone, they also provide an easy way for residents’ families to keep themselves informed of any developments. This inclusive service is worth its weight in gold in terms of the peace of mind it provides.

Personal care plans

Our care approach is based on personal care plans. These are developed for each resident and ensure that every care need is identified and constantly reviewed.

GP support
We offer a best-in-class level of GP support that is delivered through our partnership with our local surgery, the Cramond Medical practice. Their General Practitioners visit us twice a week and residents are able to take advantage of their care totally free of any extra charges.

Physiotherapy can really help to enhance well-being, by making people steadier on their feet and by helping to ease various aches and pains. At Cramond Residence, we have an exclusive partnership with Balanced – Edinburgh’s premier physiotherapy provider. Residents all receive a free initial consultation. Then, every week they can also enjoy a group physiotherapy session and 45 minutes of private treatment and exercise – all inclusive.


At Cramond Residence, we have an exclusive partnership with Balanced – Edinburgh’s premier physiotherapy provider.

Meals and snacks
All food at Cramond residence is inclusive – this takes in all main meals and all snacks and other light refreshments, such as the cakes and biscuits we serve with afternoon tea. With residents enjoying full breakfasts and three-course meals at both lunch and dinner time, we believe the restaurant-quality and wide choice of the food on offer represents exceptional value for money.

Alcoholic beverages
We provide a range of high-quality drinks, including free alcoholic beverages if requested, for our residents to enjoy before, during and after their meals. Some care homes do not provide this luxurious touch, charging extra for any wines, beers or other similar drinks.

Fine dining
Alongside the fully-inclusive restaurant-quality food and drink we provide, we also offer an annual Fine Dining Experience that comes at no extra charge. This allows our residents to entertain up to 10 guests in our beautifully decorated private dining room. The menus for these special events are developed by our head chef to meet the specific requirements of each resident and their guests.


We offer a choice of high-quality, delicious and nutritious food, served in our beautifully appointed dining rooms.

Laundry and cleaning
While all care homes offer routine cleaning and laundering of personal items as part of their service, we ensure that these services are carried out to an exceptional standard, so that our guests always know that their rooms will be spotless and their clothes clean, neatly pressed and ready for use.

Our events and entertainment calendar offers a range of activities for all our residents to enjoy. Every day we run activities on all three floors of the residence, with one lead co-ordinator in charge of each floor. We aim to have something on offer that will appeal to everyone, all at no extra expense.

At Cramond, we pride ourselves on our luxurious hairdressing salon and on the fact that we provide free hairdressing appointments twice monthly, at which residents can enjoy a cut and blow dry.

Daily newspaper
We provide a range of small luxuries and treats that make the life of our residents that much more pleasant and interesting. For example, we deliver a free daily newspaper to any residents who want it.

Transport to all medical appointments
We offer transport to all local medical appointments. We also provide a carer to accompany the resident to their appointment and provide the practical and emotional support they need. Some other care homes charge for this service, or expect families to arrange the necessary transport and support.

Request a Call Back

If you have any questions about our care or the residence, you can request a call back from a member of our team by following the link below.

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