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Residential care that will make you feel at home

For those looking for long-term residential care and support, Cramond Residence offers the best possible nurse-led care delivered in an environment that combines luxury hotel living with a reassuringly homely feel.

Small group living offers a rich and fulfilling life
Cramond Residence is organised around the concept of small-group living, with the building organised into nine individual houses that each provide a self-contained community. This is incredibly beneficial to our resident’s physical health and mental well-being. Socialising with friends and taking part in interesting and stimulating activities helps all our residents reach their full potential.

Our nurses, carers, physiotherapists and life-style co-ordinators work as a team to provide 24/7 care that promotes independence and well-being.

What makes the difference?

Download this document to find out more about what makes the difference at Cramond Residence.

Key benefits of our residential care

  • Small-group living in nine individual ‘homes’.
  • Care based on detailed Personal Care Plans.
  • Caring and compassionate nursing teams.
  • Dedicated physiotherapy support and gym facilities.
  • GP visits twice a week and 24-hr care and support.
  • Unique on-line Mobizio App so that loved ones can check all is well.
  • Individual care approach ensures care plans are bespoke and suited to specific needs.

Personal Care Plans

Our care approach is based on personal care plans. These are developed for each resident and ensure that every care need is identified and constantly reviewed.

Putting each resident’s needs first
Our care approach is based on regularly updated personal care plans. These are developed for each resident and ensure that their needs are identified and fully met. Residents and families are included in developing these personal care plans, together with health care professionals and other experts.

Keeping families well informed and up-to-date is a top priority. Providing the resident agrees, we ensure that care plans are fully accessible at any time via our state of the art Mobizio App. This system can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It gives families unique reassurance and peace of mind, even if they live far away.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is care given in a residential care home setting rather than at home. The residential care offered at Cramond are specifically tailored to the needs of the individual. We can cater for a very wide range of requirements – from people who only want the worry of cooking and cleaning lifted from their shoulders, to those with complex medical needs.


At Cramond Residence nursing care is provided as part of our residential care package if it is required. The residential side of our care covers all of an individual’s wellbeing and day-to-day needs, including food, activities and entertainments. It is designed to ensure that each resident has a rich and fulfilling life. The medical side of our care covers all aspects of an individual’s health – it includes nursing care, check-ups, specialist treatments and any other clinical issues that need dealing with.

Residential care homes should provide a friendly and comfortable place to live, along with tasty nourishing food and an interesting range of activities and outings for residents to take part in. They should also provide all the nursing and medical care that an individual needs – this is often done in conjunction with external healthcare providers, such as therapists, GPs and other clinicians.

Our care

Respite Care

For those who need short-term support, to give a loved one or carer a break, Cramond Residence offers respite packages from one week up to three months.

Recuperation Care

If you or a loved one have been in hospital, the thought of having to recover at home may feel daunting. A temporary stay at Cramond Residence is the answer.

Taking blood pressure

Dementia Care

Caring for someone with Dementia at home can be challenging and exhausting. Cramond Residence offers the best care solution.

Personal Care Plans

Our care approach is based on personal care plans. These are developed for each resident and ensure that every care need is identified and constantly reviewed.

Request a Call Back

If you have any questions about our care or the residence, you can request a call back from a member of our team by following the link below.

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