Helping those living with a diagnosis of dementia reach their full potential

Helping a relative living with dementia to lead a fulfilling life through the activities of daily living could become challenging within a home environment. Cramond Residence offers a solution that is always in the best interest of the person living with dementia. We provide a warm and welcoming environment in which the person will feel safe and in which all of their needs will be addressed and met. Family members and friends can then visit whenever they like to provide the love and support they want to give, without having to go through the emotional strain of being the primary care giver.

Our dementia care is offered within the general Care Home community or in our specialist area, which has been carefully designed with the right facilities, amenities and calming décor for those where dementia is at a more advanced stage. Where care is given depends on the developmental stage of the illness.

Individually tailored care plans that treat residents with dignity and respect

All patients living with dementia receive exceptional care by our team of specially trained nurses, team leaders and carers, all of whom have the high levels of clinical skill, empathy and compassion needed. The medication and care provided is based on a detailed Personal Care plan, which is continually assessed and revised to ensure that the best possible care is being delivered.

We also provide a wide range of activities that have been specially designed to give those living with dementia a richer and more satisfying life. Our Lifestyle Coordinators are particularly passionate about helping all our residents reach their full potential.

Where appropriate, our dementia care involves the use of our physiotherapy gym and treatment area, where residents exercise safely under the supervision of a specially trained physiotherapist. This service is supplemented by our regular body-balance classes, clinically proven to reduce the likelihood of falls.

As with all our residents, people living with dementia will be able to enjoy all the benefits that Cramond Residence offers, including luxurious accommodation, freshly prepared nutritious meals, fantastic facilities and a wide range of entertainments.

Key benefits:

  • Care based on detailed Personal Care Plans
  • Caring and compassionate nursing teams.
  • Dedicated physiotherapy support and gym facilities.
  • Frequent GP visits and 24-hr care and support.
  • Unique on-line Mobizio app so that loved ones can check all is well at any time.
  • Individual care approach ensures recovery plans are bespoke and suited to specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best care for someone with dementia?

People living with dementia should be looked after by trained professionals in a caring and comfortable environment. They should be treated with the medication and physical therapies that best suit them and they should have access to a wide range of stimulating activities. Cramond Residence provides all this and more.

How long does it take someone with dementia to adjust to a care home?

This will depend very much on the individual. Many people living with dementia find the caring environment provided by Cramond Residence to be calming and settle in in a short time. Others take longer to cope, however everything is done to make the transition as smooth and rapid as possible.

Do people with dementia need 24hr care?

This depends on the stage that the disease has reached. However, 24-hour care is always available at Cramond Residence.

How often can I visit my loved one who has dementia?

Visiting hours are open but we do ask that visitors are responsible and that they take account of their loved one’s needs for rest and therapeutic activity. We also ask that consideration be given to other residents within the residence.

What is the ratio of staff to residents?

We have a ratio of one staff member to every four residents, which allows us to provide excellent levels of individual care and attention. We also check dependency levels on a daily basis and provide flexible staffing levels to accommodate specific needs at specific times.

What happens if I am not happy with any aspect of the dementia care you offer?

We work tirelessly to make sure you are 100% happy, however, we do have a formal complaint procedure that will deal with any issues in a transparent and professional manner.