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Recuperation care to help you recover

If you or a loved have been in hospital due to surgery or illness, the thought of having to recover at home, without any support close at hand, may feel daunting. A short-term stay at Cramond Residence is the answer.

The care you need to get better after illness or surgery
Our recuperative and convalescent care is tailored to individual needs. Where appropriate, we will deliver the recovery strategy prepared by your hospital doctor or physiotherapist. We aim to help those in recovery regain their strength and independence, so that they can return home as soon as possible.

On a day-to-day basis, our dedicated and friendly team will do all necessary post-operative wound dressing and oversee the delivery of medication. Our resident GP will provide continuity of care to ensure as fast and effective a recovery as possible. Where appropriate, you’ll also be able to exercise safely under the supervision of a specially trained physiotherapist.

What makes the difference?

Download this document to find out more about what makes the difference at Cramond Residence.

Key benefits of our recuperative care

  • Small-group living in nine individual ‘homes’.
  • Care based on detailed Personal Care Plans
  • Caring and compassionate nursing teams.
  • Dedicated physiotherapy support and gym facilities.
  • Frequent GP visits and 24-hr care and support.
  • Unique on-line Mobizio app so that loved ones can check all is well.
  • Individual care approach ensures recovery plans are bespoke and suited to specific needs.

Personal Care Plans

Our care approach is based on personal care plans. These are developed for each resident and ensure that every care need is identified and constantly reviewed.

Hotel-style luxury to help you really recover
You’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that Cramond Residence offers, including luxurious accommodation, freshly prepared nutritious meals, fantastic facilities and a wide range of activities and entertainment. At the same time all of your needs will be taken care of, so you can really relax and concentrate on getting better.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a care home environment recuperation care is provided to help a person recover safely after an operation, accident, illness or other medical procedure. It is often known as convalescent care or rehabilitation care and is designed to provide a transition between hospital and home. It offers a safe environment to help speed recovery and to allow an individual to become strong and healthy again.

If you think that you cannot cope at home as you recover after an operation, illness or accident, or feel that you need the help of professional carers to recover fully, then get in touch to see how Cramond Residence can help you.

Recuperation care is normally short-term care. Its duration is very much dependent on the individual concerned and on the severity of the problems they are recovering from. For example, it may only take a few weeks to recover from a mild infection, but a number of months to get better after a major operation. Recuperation care finishes when the individual is deemed and feels well enough to return home safely.

As with most care homes, Cramond Residence offers recuperation care packages that are based on individual need. They usually last for between one week and three months.

Recuperation care is focused on helping patients return home so that they can live as independent a life as possible.

If you choose to receive recuperation care at Cramond Residence, we will fully assess your needs in collaboration with the doctors and other medical staff who have been looking after you. We will then create a bespoke personal care plan to ensure that all your needs are met. This care plan will help you to recover your strength and improve your capabilities and promote your independence.

In delivering your recuperation care plan, we will take full advantage of the comprehensive range of therapies that we offer, including physiotherapy to help you with any movement or balance problems. For example, if you are recovering from a hip operation, our physiotherapists will work with you using a carefully planned programme of tailored exercises to help you become more mobile.

Recuperation care offers a stepping stone between hospital and home. However, there should be a high level of nursing supervision.

At Cramond Residence, 24-hr nursing care is available. In addition, doctors visit bi-weekly and are on call to deal with any issues. We also have all necessary medical supplies on hand. Our nurses are highly trained and very experienced and are specialised in many different areas, including the care of those recovering from surgery and those living with dementia. We also offer dedicated physiotherapy support and gym facilities.

Recuperation care brings a whole host of benefits. First, it provides first-class nursing care and the services of doctors and other therapists. This provides invaluable peace of mind both to the patient and their family and friends, who will know that if anything goes wrong, or an emergency occurs, then professionals will be on hand to cope.

Recuperation care also provides the opportunity for the patient to rest and recharge their batteries in an environment where all their practical needs are taken care of – from their food to their laundry. This lifts a massive burden of worry from the shoulders of both the patient and their families – in particular, they all know that the patient is in a safe place and that they can concentrate all their energies on just getting better

A well-managed recuperation process, in which a person’s care, nutrition and therapy needs are properly catered for, can really help to speed the healing process and set them firmly on the road to recovery. It can also reduce the risks of any complications occurring.

At Cramond Residence, our luxury accommodation provides a warm and welcoming environment that is totally conducive to heeling. Our small-group living approach also makes it easy to socialise and make friends – which provides a real tonic and helps improve a person’s health and state of mind.
If you spend your recuperation care with us, our delicious food will help you to build up your strength. We’ll also make sure any specific dietary needs are catered for. What’s more, our programme of regular entertainments and activities will keep your mind active and engaged. Overall, Cramond Residence provides the perfect environment for recuperative care.

Yes, so long as you agree with your details being shared with relevant others.

Visiting hours are open but we do ask that visitors are responsible and that they take account of their loved one’s needs for rest and therapeutic activity. We also ask that consideration be given to other residents within the residence.

We have a ratio of one staff member to every four residents, which allows us to provide excellent levels of individual care and attention. We also check dependency levels on a daily basis and provide flexible staffing levels to accommodate specific needs at specific times.

We work tirelessly to make sure you are 100% happy, however, we do have a formal complaint procedure that will deal with any issues in a transparent and professional manner.

Our care

Residential Care

For those looking for long-term residential care and support, Cramond Residence offers the best possible nursing care.

Respite Care

For those who need short-term support, to give a loved one or carer a break, Cramond Residence offers respite packages from two weeks up to three months.

Taking blood pressure

Dementia Care

Caring for someone with Dementia at home can be challenging and exhausting. Cramond Residence offers the best care solution.

Personal Care Plans

Our care approach is based on personal care plans. These are developed for each resident and ensure that every care need is identified and constantly reviewed.

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If you have any questions about our care or the residence, you can request a call back from a member of our team by following the link below.

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