Providing premier Physiotherapy Services

At Cramond Residence, we have an exclusive partnership with Balanced – Edinburgh’s premier physiotherapy provider.

Hazel, BSC Physiotherapy, HCPC, CSP, is our lead physiotherapist and her experience is mirrored in the rest of her team. She has expertise in post-op rehab, community rehab and stroke rehab. She is also an expert in Falls prevention and the management of complex long-term conditions.

Resident exercising in gym with physio

Hazel working with one of our residents in the gym

Hazel has over 25 years of experience working as a Physiotherapist both in the UK and Australia.

“I really enjoy working at Cramond Residence,” Hazel says. “I love working with new people and it has been great to meet the residents, hear their stories and help them to keep active and enjoy their time here. The Residence is a lovely environment to work in and all the staff are very friendly and helpful.”

Down to the gym

For Hazel, a typical day at Cramond involves arriving at the Residence and liaising with the nursing staff to keep up to date on the residents wellbeing. She then has a mixture of new residents to assess and follow up physio appointments to attend. She also runs a weekly Group Balance Class in our gym, which is well equipped with weights, mats and bars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do physiotherapists provide at Cramond Residence?

On arrival at Cramond Residence, each new resident is offered a full physiotherapy assessment. This looks at how they move and balance and their ability to manage day to day activities. We then work with the residents to create a bespoke plan, identify what they would like to achieve and then help them to work towards these goals. Individual plans may include elements such as exercise, massage, moving support and fall prevention classes. Residents are then reassessed every six months to keep plans up to date and tailored to their physical fitness, care need and personal desired outcomes.

What are the benefits of the physiotherapy offered at Cramond Residence?

Physiotherapy is important for older people, and offers a wide range of benefits. Physio can help people to continue to do the things they love. Exercise strengthens the muscles and improves balance but it also keeps the mind active and helps to boost your mood. For older people specifically, physio can help with many things such as managing pain and improving mobility. The risk of falling increases as you get older but with regular exercise focusing on strength and balance, that risk can be reduced.