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A painting by one of the residents

Activities to do at home

07 May 2021


Three activities to keep you busy and get mind and body working.

A painting by one of the residents

Craft project:
Don’t recycle those bottles – upcycle them!

This is a great way of giving old wine bottle (or any type of glass bottle) a new lease of life – and you’ll get a lovely new vase in which to display flowers.

Here’s what to do:
1) Select an old wine bottles (or any type of glass bottles).
2) Take off the label (you can normally soak this off in water).
3) Make sure your bottle’s clean and dry.
4) Paint the bottle – you can get special glass paints, but ordinary acrylic paints will work fine (just make sure they’re water-proof). Be bold and creative!
5) Add decorations – these can be anything you fancy, from small shells and cut-out paper shapes to plastic ‘gems’ and ‘googly eyes’. Just see what you’ve got around the home and glue them on.
6) For the final touch, put in a stem of lavender or other flowers into your new vase.

Fun and games:
Turn your favourite photo into a puzzle

If you love a puzzle then why not make one out of your favourite photo or picture?

Here’s what to do:

1) Print out one of your favourite photos or pictures from your computer (you might need a technically minded grand-child to help you here!).
2) Mount the printed picture onto a sheet of card or thin foam – let it dry.
3) On the back of the mounted photo, draw a jig-saw pattern (this can be a simple grid or a more complex design).
4) Use your pattern to cut your mounted photo into jigsaw pieces.
Now you’ve got yourself a puzzle!

Set yourself a step challenge and get moving again

As summer is approaching, try challenging yourself by getting out and being active.

Here’s what to do:

1) Think of a daily walk you’d like to do and which you can do easily. It doesn’t matter if this is just to the end of your garden and back!
2) Give the walk a go and count how many steps you manage (or what distance you can complete).
3) Note the steps down in a walking diary.
4) Try to go a little further every day.
5) See how you’ve done at the end of each week and month.
Remember – don’t overdo it. A little goes a long way!

We offer a range of activities here at Cramond Residence that is influenced by our residents. We encourage residents to continue their passions, revisit old ones and try things they may have always wanted to do. You can read more on our activities here.