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1 May 2018 14:07

In-house Gym and Physiotherapy at Cramond Residence

We are delighted to announce our exclusive physiotherapy partnership with Balanced Edinburgh, who specialise in functional rehabilitation and fall prevention to help older people become more independent.

Once open, we will offer access to this unrivalled health and fitness support, enabling our residents to have the most fulfilling and active lives possible.

On joining, residents will be given a thorough initial assessment, which the physiotherapists will use to create a bespoke care plan. Plans will be tailored to an individual’s physical fitness, care needs and personal desired outcomes and may include exercise, massage, moving support or fall prevention classes. They will then be reassessed every six months to ensure their needs are being fully met.

We will also have a supervised gym area, specially designed and equipped to rehabilitate older people and a private, comfortable treatment room for the physiotherapy, massage, podiatry and complementary therapies.

Balanced is led by Chartered Physiotherapist, Judith Paterson, who has over 25 years’ healthcare experience. Read more about Balanced by visiting their website here.