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Care home residents take a trip down memory lane

02 November 2022


Valuable memory enhancing skills combat frustration for Edinburgh residents

WORKSHOPS to assist residents with memory skills have been introduced as the latest feature at a care home in Edinburgh.

With memory retention and recall being one of the leading causes of distress for the elderly, Cramond Residence has started offering memory sessions to help relieve these frustrations especially for residents with impaired cognitive function, those living with dementia and recurring memory decline.

To encourage engagement, the home’s lifestyle team keep group sizes small and use a variety of techniques incorporating visual elements such as playing cards, dominoes, flipcharts and photographs.

Lifestyle coordinator at Cramond Residence, Garylee Rushforth, said: “It was a natural next step for Cramond Residence to start providing these beneficial sessions to the residents. 

“An impaired ability to recall information and events can lead to severe confusion, disorientation and a dissociation from a person’s own sense of self which is why we felt that it was so important that we fully engage with cognitive activities that can help to strengthen memory processes.

“In these sessions, we teach residents how to actively recall information in the short-term. Flashcards are used to display information and then the coordinators work with residents to teach them verbalised, visual and auditory recall skills related to this information.

“Processing the information given in a variety of mediums provides residents with multiple avenues to recall short term information easier. Carrying these out regularly will expand the memory bank and reduce time needed during the recall process.”

Cramond Residence’s team of lifestyle coordinators have created an exciting and varied programme of activities and workshops, all with the aim of providing its residents with a sense of independence and fun, as well a valuable life skills.  

Garylee continued: “The memory sessions have been a great hit and we have received some fantastic feedback from residents so far and it’s a delight to help residents on this journey and see their individual progress. 

“We engage with residents that attend outside of the sessions and test their memory skills on the go and have witnessed a greater ability to recall conversations and instructions in other workshops too which is brilliant to see.”

Cramond Residence, launched in 2018, has provided small-group living for up to 74 residents in nine luxuriously-appointed accommodation with the highest quality of care. The highly-trained team organises exciting activities and excursions for their residents and offer specialised and individually tailored care in respiterecuperation and dementia care provision.

The medication and care provided is based on a detailed personal care plan, which is continually assessed and revised by health care professionals and other experts to ensure that the best possible care is being delivered.

The luxury home will continue to channel its efforts into improving the quality of life for its residents by introducing more innovative workshops and ideas. 

To find out more about Cramond Residence, call 0131 341 4037 or visit