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Working with the physiotherapist

Care residents get moving thanks to boutique physio partnership

27 September 2021


A CARE HOME has revealed how an innovative partnership with one of the country’s leading physiotherapy practices has helped to get pensioners moving after months of lockdown restrictions.

Edinburgh-based physiotherapy practice, Balanced has worked with Cramond Residence since opening in 2018 and is now strengthening its relationship with a formal partnership which will see residents receiving bespoke treatment and exercise classes.

Residents at the home receive an initial comprehensive physiotherapy assessment including mobility and falls risk assessment when being admitted to the home which is then reviewed every quarter.

As well as group exercise and balance re-education classes, residents will benefit from 45 minutes a week of tailored physiotherapy treatment.

Judith Paterson, Chartered Physiotherapist and Director at Balanced, said: “The specialist team at Balanced thoroughly assess and diagnose any mobility issues that may be affecting a resident’s ability to perform day to day activities independently.

“The team designed a detailed programme based on individual’s needs and functional rehabilitation. For example, teaching something as simple as squats to an older person can help them to get out of a chair more easily.

“Physiotherapy helps older adults build the strength and stability needed to live life as independently as possible on their terms, without the fear of falling or slipping.

“We’re delighted to be working with Cramond Residence to help advance and improve the quality of life and longevity for those living at the home.”

Working with the physiotherapist

The falls prevention class will focus on improving balance and preventing potential falls, giving residents the confidence to move around either independently or semi-independently, based on their needs and abilities.

It is also hoped that the closer relationship with Balanced will ensure residents become more independent as they increase their range of movement, making daily tasks such as putting on socks and shoes easier.

Professor in Psychology at Heriot-Watt University, Alan Gow, said: “There are a number of ways in which physical activity might promote brain health. For example, people who are more physically active tend to have healthier heart and lung functions, and that helps to keep the oxygen and blood supplies to the brain working well.

“Physical activity often occurs with other people, so some of the benefits to our thinking skills might come from the social interaction. Physical activity can involve complex movements so doing various exercises might use different cognitive skills to complete.

“There is work being done in terms of what type of physical activity might be best, what amount starts showing a benefit and when across the life course we might get the most benefit. However, one of the simplest messages is that doing something is better than nothing.

“While many studies support there being more benefit from a lifetime of being physically active, many also support the idea that it’s never too late to get a bit more active. Whatever level people are at though, it’s always good to get some advice and support as you change your activities.”
Balanced physiotherapists will visit Cramond Residence regularly throughout the week which will allow for developing and building close relationships with both residents and nursing staff whilst monitoring progress.

Christian Daraio, Client Liaison Manager and Registered Nurse at the 74-bedroom home, said: “A formal partnership with Balanced will provide tailored physiotherapy plans for each of our residents, targeting areas they specifically want to improve.

“The weekly classes will not be mandatory for residents to take part in; however we actively encourage everyone to take part to reap the countless benefits.

“Not only do the classes improve physical aspects, they also help with mental wellbeing. Most of our residents thoroughly enjoy the sessions, which often end with a good chat and laugh.

“We’re looking forward to seeing important improvements in our resident’s mobility after nearly a year of lockdown – it finally starts to feel as if we are returning to some sort of normality”.

Alongside the physiotherapy programme, the care home offers customised individual care plans for each resident based on their care needs, and a varied activity programme to keep them both mentally and physically stimulated.

Cramond Residence offers small group-living in nine houses, with all residents enjoying a wide range of amenities and activities, delicious food and bespoke care.

The home also offers a wide variety of dementia care services within the general home environment or in a specialist area carefully designed for those at a more advanced stage.

To find out more about Cramond Residence, call 0131 341 4037

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