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Care staff on care portal

Innovative Tech Keeps Care Resident’s Family in the Loop

09 June 2021


Care staff on care portal

CARE HOME residents have been able to instantly share important information about their health and wellbeing with loved ones throughout the pandemic, thanks to a bespoke digital care system.

When Cramond Residence closed its doors to visitors back in March 2020, its tailored technology-enabled care system showed its true value by providing real-time updates on residents’ health and wellbeing with family, through an app called Access Care planning.

The care plans are developed with the residents and their family, as well as key workers and named nursing staff. Plans are individually adapted for each resident on their arrival to ensure it reflects their healthcare history and care needs.

It covers everything from the food they eat and exercise or physiotherapy they take, through to any prescribed medication and palliative care they may require.

The technology has been in use since the care home opened in 2018, but became indispensable during the pandemic. Throughout lockdown, families were able to log on and view their loved one’s information at the click of a button, giving them peace of mind and reassurance wherever they are in the world.

Ross Bijak, Clinical Care Manager, said: “Our online healthcare system has received a lot of positive feedback from resident’s families in recent months – it means they have access to real-time information around the clock.

“Lockdown was extremely tough for families who weren’t able to visit, and for our residents themselves. I think one saving grace has been this technology which is able to provide some comfort and reassurance to families.

“We’ve had families calling us just to chat about something they’ve read on the app, or to share their delight in seeing a specific item like physiotherapy or certain exercise in the plan.

“Although the plans are created when residents first enter the home, they are regularly updated and reassessed as people’s health and care needs change.

“For example, we have built specific care plans focused around visiting requirements and Covid-19.”

The digital care plans take into account a whole range of factors, including a resident’s skills, strengths and experiences to create the best, bespoke care plan for them which puts their needs first.

Cramond Residence provides a combination of luxury accommodation and the highest quality of care. Set in a leafy location, it offers small group-living in nine houses, with all residents enjoying a wide range of amenities and activities, delicious food and bespoke care.

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