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Meet the Team: Registered Nurses

27 September 2018

We are pleased to introduce our team of Registered Nurses who are looking forward to starting working at our Edinburgh care home. In this blog, we meet four of our nurses who discuss their passion for care and the importance of teamwork.

Working in the Care Industry

smiling nurse at Edinburgh Care HomeKirsty Murphy, who is local to Edinburgh, is following in her mother’s footsteps by choosing a career in the care industry. “I got into nursing care as I saw how passionate my mother was in her line of caring work when I was young,” she says. “I have also always had a passion for caring for people and I truly love it. I love getting to know people and helping them live a fulfilling life. My tip for those looking to get into care is to always be compassionate, positive and enthusiastic.”

Cathy Kistruck, who has recently returned to nursing after raising a family, is looking forward to a new challenge and getting back into a job she loves. She adds, “For me, it’s the little things that make a big difference like brushing hair or painting nails, but above all listening.”


Kirsty also discussed teamwork as a hugely important factor when working in care. “We have been lucky with the time we’ve had to bond together as a team, and we all share the same values and passion for caring,” she tells us. “Teamwork is so valuable because you can support and learn from each other.”

a nurse at Cramond Residence in Edinburgh

Vigorous Training

Anne Lockhart, who has over twenty years’ experience in the care industry, discussed the training programme the nurses have undergone so far. “We have had a very robust induction programme which has involved staff across all disciplines,” she says. “We have had access to many training courses which has given us all a number of opportunities to really get to know each other and fully prepare for the opening of the Residence.”

Specialised Care

Ross Bijak, who qualified three years ago as a registered nurse, discussed his passion for supporting those living with dementia. “In my last role, I worked as a Dementia Ambassador – a passion which I will bring to my role at the Residence,” he tells us. “I’m currently working towards my Master’s degree in Dementia Studies at the University of Stirling, which is a home-learning course that takes three years to complete. It is giving me the knowledge and understanding in my professional practice to support the people around me.”

Cramond is a Special Place to Live

Cathy and Kirsty are particularly excited to be working in the beautiful Cramond area. “Cramond is a place to walk the dog, a place where children can play, and where you can meet friends for a coffee,” says Cathy. “There is a great walk along the river towards Cramond Brig where it’s lovely to see all the ducks and birds. One day it’s a heron and the next it’s a woodpecker.”

“I love walking down beside the waterfall at Cramond and the surrounding area, as it’s so scenic and peaceful,” adds Kirsty. “It will be a great place for the residents to enjoy.”

male nurse at Cramond Residence

Cramond Residence

All of our registered nurses are very enthusiastic and driven to support and uphold Cramond Residence’s vision of being Edinburgh’s finest care home. “I’m really looking forward to starting work at the Residence and being part of a team that is passionate about putting other people first,” says Ross.

“I hope to bring my sense of fun to Cramond and I am very excited to be working with a team which will provide an excellent standard of care for those who come to live at Cramond Residence,” adds Anne. “The vision of Walker Healthcare is truly inspiring and the facilities are absolutely superb.