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Our receptionists, Caroline Arbuckle and Elizabeth Doyle

Meet the Team: Receptionists

25 October 2018

In this month’s blog, we meet Caroline Arbuckle and Elizabeth Doyle – our two Receptionists at our care home in Edinburgh. Read on to find out about the friendly faces who will greet you when you visit the Residence.

Caroline has a great deal of experience as a receptionist having previously worked in hospitals and private clinics, dealing with everything from meeting and greeting patients, to arranging follow-up appointments and liaising with Consultants and Nursing Staff. She said:

“Interacting with people is something I really enjoy and, as a caring person, I feel I fit in very well at the Residence and I’m really happy to be working there. I hope to bring a bright, bubbly personality to my new role, and that my warm aura will make everyone who passes through the doors feel welcome.”

“All the staff here are very friendly and we have all bonded quickly and become friends. Cramond Residence itself is a beautiful place for residents to live; it is exactly what I would imagine a home-from-home environment to be.”

One thing I’m really looking forward to is exploring Cramond as, although I’ve stayed in Edinburgh most of my life, I’ve not ventured down this way very much. We would often go to different places with the family so I’m excited to get to know the area more!

Elizabeth joins Cramond Residence after several years of retirement, before which she was an administrator in a school. With lots of experience in administration and an interest for interaction with people, she said:

“The staff who work here are an excellent, dedicated team who will enable the values of Cramond Residence to be carried out fully and enthusiastically. As a team we are all working to ensure the residents are looked after in the best way possible.”

“I hope to be a friendly face when people come into the building and provide a calm, helpful presence at reception. I haven’t worked in a care environment before but have worked as an administrator in schools for many years, so I’m bringing lots of experience to my new role.”

“Cramond Residence is set in a beautiful new building. I particularly like the design of the Residence and that the whole ethos is truly person-centred.”