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Athena Liakeas, a Lifestyle Coordinator at the Residence

New appointment helps care home residents find artistic flair

21 June 2021

Athena Liakeas, a Lifestyle Coordinator at the Residence

CARE home residents are exploring their inner Picasso through art therapy thanks to a new lifestyle coordinator.
Art-enthusiast Athena Liakeas has joined the team at Cramond Residence as a Lifestyle Coordinator and will be responsible for planning and implementing a range of activities.

Athena has a passion for art and has been encouraging residents to express themselves via a range of art therapies, including colour therapy and painting.

Starting out as a Food Services Assistant with Cramond Residence in 2020, Athena has had an ambition of joining the lifestyle team since and knew the benefits art therapy could have on residents, particularly those living with Alzheimers.

Edinburgh born and bred, Athena said: “The lifestyle team has always impressed me as they continually strive to go above and beyond to ensure residents are living life to the fullest.

“In the last two months, I’ve been building relationships with residents whilst getting to know their likes and dislikes – and I can honestly say no two days have been the same since starting at the beginning of the year.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed painting and appreciate the joy and self-expression that can come from art.

“Art can allow people to communicate things that cannot be expressed via words and functions as a strong and important medium between the verbal and the visual.

“Some residents living with dementia have limited verbal communication, so art therapy is a great way for them to express themselves in a delicate way.”

A new activity on offer is colour therapy, where residents are shown a sheet of coloured paper and asked to identify how it makes them feel, tapping into supressed emotion.

Athena added: “The introduction of art therapies has been well received and while art therapy is a passion of mine, this does not take away from the importance of the other activities. The key thing is to keep activities as diverse as possible.”

Lifestyle Coordinators at the home aim to offer new experiences to support residents’ wellbeing, independence and to make life fun and fulfilling and have a month long planner of activities.

For the duration of lockdown, residents were confined to Cramond Residence’s nine individual houses within the wider home, with Lifestyle Coordinators using technology to keep residents connected.
With restrictions lifted and the home now fully connected again, residents are enjoying a variety of activities together.

Cramond Residence provides a combination of luxury accommodation and the highest quality of care for up to 74 residents, all enjoying an exceptional range of amenities and activities, delicious food and bespoke care from our highly-trained team.

As well as the beautiful gardens, it also offers a library, a hair salon, a private, fine-dining space, a physiotherapy room and a cinema, which doubles as a large, multi-purpose space for a host of social events.

Places in the care home start from £1850 a week.