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The Power of Music in Dementia Care

26 September 2019

Music has an amazing ability to make people feel happy, sad, inspired, energised or loved. It also has a very powerful role in caring for people, particularly those living with dementia.

This week BBC Music Day launched a project, in partnership with major organisations, to bring music to everyone living with dementia by 2020. It will see hundreds of events take place across the UK including the first ever music and dementia festival.

With more than 90,000 people across Scotland living with dementia it is vital that initiatives such as these help to raise awareness of dementia and its related conditions. Music is one therapy that can help to engage with people and improve communication, mood and wellbeing .

At Cramond Residence music plays an important role in our culture and lifestyle. Whether it is helping residents to compile personal playlists to be enjoyed at their leisure, or organising visiting musicians and special musical events, we understand the benefits of music and how this can impact our emotional wellbeing .

Our regular ‘music appreciation’ sessions organised by our Lifestyle Coordinators give residents the opportunity to listen to and discuss some of history’s greatest classical and non-classical composers, including Cole Porter, Mozart and Irving Berlin.

We have also been honoured to welcome an array of live musicians to the Residence since opening our doors including cellists, solo artists and budding musicians and singers from the local primary school. They have all provided amazing entertainment and we’re extremely thankful for the time they take to personally engage with our residents too.

We are mindful that the way people approach those living with dementia can make all the difference. Our staff from all disciplines attend music workshops to equip them to use music and understand its use in an informed way to enhance the experience for our residents.

Our approach to dementia care ensures individuals receive the highest quality, personalised nursing care. It also supports and empowers family, friends and loved ones to better understand dementia and how it can affect individuals differently. Understanding this can be invaluable.

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