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Care home starts next chapter with new activity launch

10 May 2023

BOOK-LOVING pensioners at an Edinburgh care home are keeping their minds young and agile with the latest social activity introduction.

The new weekly club at Cramond Residence gives the home’s book worms the chance to engage in open conversation about a host of genres – some of which cover stories from their childhoods and gripping new novels that exercise the brain.

Elaine Vallance, newly promoted Lifestyle Team Leader, said: “Not only does reading help increase our residents’ cognitive skills, but it can also reduce stress and help improve sleep.

“It’s a fantastic form of entertainment and a great exercise for stimulating the brain, which can be particularly beneficial for our residents with dementia.

“Our weekly book club encourages independent reading, as well as the articulation of thoughts and sharing of opinions with a group of similarly minded people.

“The club is a great way of encouraging our residents to stay social and we have experienced that even some of our less talkative residents have been willing to engage in a common topic of conversation.

“We take the time to read to those residents who can’t do so and you can tell by the big smiles on their faces how much they appreciate the simple art of storytelling.”

Cramond’s book club takes place in the home’s luxurious and comfortable lounge facilities, offering views of the expansive gardens year-round.

In addition to the weekly clubs, Cramond Residence has a private library that is well-stocked with books of different genres that residents are free to borrow and return at their leisure.

Client Liaison Manager, Christian Daraio, said: “Cramond has the unique advantage of having five-star facilities that aren’t usually synonymous with a care home.

“Our residents love making use of the library and our weekly book clubs have proved to be very popular.

“We even have plans to invite authors along to the club in the near future to engage in conversations with the residents. We aim to make the club highly educational and a great knowledge builder.

“The mental and physical benefits you can experience from reading last a lifetime and can keep an elderly brain active and engaged, possibly even delaying the onset of dementia through the strengthening of memory retention.

“Not only that, but these group activities that we pride ourselves on here at Cramond are an excellent tool in fighting loneliness and social isolation.”

Cramond Residence offers a vast array of activities to its residents on a daily basis, with the weekly book clubs being one of the latest additions to the home’s bustling monthly rota.

Residential life at the care home is full of unique activities, as well as freshly prepared meals and top-class facilities, ensuring that all residents enjoy a rich and satisfying life at the care home.

The facilities provided include a cinema, a functional exercise room, a games room and also a fine dining experience offering residents the opportunity to invite their family members in for a meal.