Post-Operative Care

If you are leaving hospital after surgery or illness, then you need a relaxing environment and expert care to help you recover quickly and effectively. A short-term stay at Cramond Residence provides the best solution. We’ll ensure you get the medical support you need and will help you to recover your strength and mobility, so that you can get back to a full and active life as soon as possible.

Get better in the best way possible

Recovery from illness or an operation is significantly improved if you are in a restful environment and have experienced people looking after you. We offer the following benefits:

  • Luxury private rooms to help you relax and get better.
  • Care delivered in a dedicated section of the residence.
  • Support and care from trained nurses (vital for the correct provision of wound care and pain relief).
  • Bespoke physiotherapy to build your strength and speed your recovery.

All of your day-to-day requirements will be taken care of, so you can concentrate on getting better.

What’s Included?

Our post-operative care is tailored to individual needs. Where appropriate, we will deliver the recovery strategy prepared by your hospital surgeon, doctor or therapist.

To speed your recovery further, you will be able to exercise safely in our gym under the supervision of a specially trained physiotherapist from Balanced Edinburgh.

Our post-operative/recuperation package is £1,900 per week (2-week minimum stay) and includes:

  • Nursing assistance.
  • Physiotherapy five times a week.
  • Use of our physiotherapy gym.
  • Wound Care – dressings and staple/stitch removal.
  • GP visits and support.
  • Assistance as required with personal care.
  • Nutritious meals and snacks all included.
  • Use of our luxury hairdressing salon.
  • An exciting programme of activities to enjoy.
  • Transport from hospital to Cramond Residence and back home.

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Who can benefit from care at Cramond?

Our post-operative care is designed for anyone recovering after a hospital stay or illness. We offer the perfect environment in which to put in place the post-operative care plans that are often specified by hospital doctors, surgeons or therapists.

Our care is perfect for anyone who needs nursing support and total rest and relaxation. It is also for those who are daunted by the prospect of recovering alone at home. We also offer physiotherapy as part of our treatment package, so if you need this as part of your rehabilitation programme, Cramond Residence is the perfect place to come.

Take a look around Cramond Residence

Cramond Residence – the best place to recover

When you come to Cramond for your post-operative care, you’ll stay in a special wing of the Residence to ensure you get the peace and quiet you need. You’ll enjoy all the benefits that our exceptional accommodation offers, including luxurious bedrooms and public areas and freshly prepared nutritious meals. You’ll also be able to enjoy fantastic facilities – including a luxury hairdressing salon and cinema room – and a wide range of activities and entertainments.

Over and above this, you’ll find that Cramond provides a really relaxing environment in which you can get your strength back. Thanks to our dedicated team of nurses, physiotherapists and other carers, you’ll receive the specialist attention you need to ensure you heal quickly and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is post-operative care?

Postoperative care is the care that people receive after they have been through a surgical procedure. Its specific elements will depend on the individual being looked after and on the type of surgery that’s been performed. It addresses any potential side effects that the person’s treatment and medication may have. It can include wound care and pain management. Physiotherapy is often used as part of post-operative care to build strength and mobility, which can be lost after surgery or after prolonged periods of inactivity.

Why is physiotherapy part of your post-op care?

Physiotherapy can be incredibly effective at helping people heal and get stronger more quickly and more safely. Physiotherapy can help promote fast and effective recovery from many sorts of injuries. For example, if someone has a fractured hip then physiotherapy can help the person move the joint in a way that produces the least amount of pain and improves the mobility of the joint in the fastest and safest way possible.

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