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Mother and daughter smiling

How Cramond Residence helps those living with Alzheimer’s

28 September 2020


Mother and daughter smiling

Those living with Alzheimer’s may live a full and well-supported life at home, however this is dependent on the help that can be provided by family and other carers. That said, whatever help is at hand, supporting an individual living with Alzheimer’s can be both challenging and stressful for all involved.

If things are getting too much, then one solution is a respite break in a care home. Here at Cramond Residence, we welcome the opportunity to assist in this way. Respite breaks can really help on their own and, when taken frequently, can lead to a smooth transition into long-term residential care and support.

At Cramond Residence we have the full range of facilities and expertise needed to support those living with Alzheimer’s. We provide services tailored to the individual needs of all residents with the upmost care and compassion. We pride ourselves on the fact that our team has the resources, specialist knowledge and experience to help all residents living with Alzheimer’s.

Our small group living approach provides a relaxed and calm atmosphere. We provide friendly self-contained homes where it is easier for those living with Alzheimer’s to create fulfilling relationships and maintain social engagement (with support from our team). The comfortable environment at the Residence helps to make all residents feel at home. In general, for someone living with Alzheimer’s small group living supports orientation, promotes calm and removes sources of anxiety.

To ensure our residents receive the best possible care, we have the reassuring support of visiting GPs, who come twice weekly. We also work closely with external agencies, such as befriender and wellbeing services. These experts enhance the lives of all who need their help. We also use onsite physiotherapy to encourage and promote mobility and balance. This, in turn, helps to maintain our residents’ independence and physical wellbeing.

We provide a range of lifestyle therapies and activities that have been designed specifically for those living with cognitive impairment. Our Lifestyle team tailor the activities they deliver to the individual needs, capabilities and passions of our residents. Activities include art and craft sessions, holistic massage therapy, music and dance, garden visits and discussions groups. We also enjoy the services of a visiting hairdresser who always lifts people’s spirits.

To find out more about how Cramond Residence can provide the best possible care to you or your loved one, contact: Christian Daraio, Tel: 0131 336 1064; e-mail: