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Professor Leon Pompa and a Lifestyle Coordinator

Philosopher keeps us all smiling during lockdown

24 April 2020


An update from our Client Liaison Charge Nurse, Christian Daraio

Professor Leon Pompa researching Philosophy

One of our long-stay residents, Professor Leon Pompa, has not let the current lockdown get in the way of his life-long passion for learning. Leonardo, who is a Professor of Philosophy, is continuing with his research and academic publications whilst living at Cramond Residence.

Over the last few months, our Lifestyle Coordinator, Lisa, has been helping him to compile his research, which is currently focused on the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. He normally dictates his pensive thoughts to her and she types them up for him on a computer.

Prof. Pompa is just one of our many residents who have kept smiling through this very challenging time and we are immensely grateful to everyone who has put such a brave face on things. We are equally grateful to all relatives and friends for their support and understanding throughout the current situation.

Of course, we cannot thank our wonderful staff enough for their immense commitment and hard work. Thanks should also go to our supporters and suppliers for their excellent service, which hasn’t wavered. People continue to step up to the challenges of maintaining resident care even in the face of their own challenges at home and elsewhere. You are all truly inspiring.

Professor Leon Pompa and a Lifestyle Coordinator

Professor Pompa and Lisa hard at work. Please note, the photograph was taken prior to lock down and social distancing measures being out in place.

The current situation

I’d just like to add an update on how things are at the moment:

We are very fortunate not to be experiencing any shortages of PPE, but we review our stock position regularly to ensure that we can plan ahead.

We receive regular, invaluable support from Health Protection Scotland and from the wider health community in Edinburgh. This allows us to keep ourselves informed about the guidance and other advice being issued by the government and other agencies. This allows us to keep our infection control practices up to date and as robust as possible, and to monitor the health of both resident and staff groups very closely.

We endeavour to communicate with our relatives and friends group at minimum once weekly, and are happy to hear from anyone on an individual basis if they have any questions or concerns.

Finally, please rest assured that we remain open for both new and returning admissions at this time.